Apr 09, 2017

WE’RE BACK! + Patreon Update

Hey hey hey! We’re BACK and we’re happy to see you all here!

How’s everyone? 😀 We’re good, better, more excited than ever to bring you all the good news and fun stuff! Here comes fun!

We’ve relaunched our YouTube Channel and news is spreading fast, woo! We are going to post every clip we make over on YouTube and here on our site. If you still can’t get enough goodness, we’re also announcing our Patreon Launch, with tons of goodies and a lot of exclusives.

Your support means a lot to us and we’re so happy to be here again, with you, on this amazing journey through time, space and… monkeys.

SO, if you’ve missed Kauff and Gustav, if you’ve missed musicals, or generally silly videos, come visit our Patreon and our YouTube channel! *many many huuuugs*


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