May 02, 2016

What can HERE offer you?

That’s a weird title, don’t you think? Let’s start with something a bit simpler.

“What do you surround yourself with?” Well, with whatever you want, when it comes to your bedroom or house. It is up to you to decide what you like. Personalizing our things and space is a natural human behavior. It is our mark on the world.

Try imagining this: An empty room with a large painting. You might think that the image is too colorful or large, feeling out of place and ruining the aesthetic of the environment, even if the room was, in fact, empty. Or you might love the little splash of color. It is up to your personal taste if the painting works or not.

As with art in general, how we see things – our artistic opinion – cannot be criticized for it is our own view point that puts value on the image in front of us. We can only view art subjectively, and so we cannot reach a universal appeal. A bedroom that you love could be an ugly dump for someone else.

Rooms 2

It’s all in our eyes

Take a moment to look around your room (or visualize it if you are on the road or at work). Do you have the image in your head? Good. Do you like what you see? Most of you probably said yes and that is to be expected. If you said “no” that means there’s something disharmonious there.

We all naturally organize our environment according to our personal preferences. We like things that remind us of ourselves. In a very funny way of looking at it, we are all natural narcissists. 🙂

Now going to the real question: What can your room offer? Well, that also depends on what you are like. A gloomy person could have a dark and mysterious room; a fun friend could have a colorful room and so on. The way we look, the way we think and how we keep our environment are closely connected.

However, it is not that abnormal to see a messy looking person valuing order and manners but there are too many things going on in the background for such cases so we will turn back to our usual/basic room for now.

Rooms 1

Your room is…

Think back to your bedroom. Look at every little detail (or remember) and try to describe the entirety of the room in only two or three words. I’ll wait.

Now let’s see what your room can offer. I will also add some little tips and suggestions for improvement.

Clean/neat/order– A positive and free atmosphere. There is a lot of opportunity for new things. Never pass up the chance for a bit of color.

Old/grandpa/traditional/classic/ woody – All things have a history. Whether it is good or bad can change the flow of your space. Keep in mind, change can be a good thing.

Classy/chic/ modern/ futuristic – Your style and rhythm are upbeat. Don’t be afraid to let your hair down from time to time, it might give you a breath of fresh air.

Dark/goth/death/evil/hell/spooky – You joined the dark side for the cookies. Although preferred, there is a lot of tension and pressure you might want to change from time to time. Be careful and embrace change when the time is right.

Neutral/boring/simple/plain/calm/gray – Not much can be said because not much needs saying. Stagnation might be a comfortable break but not a solution.

Medicine/pharmacy/hospital – A place where illness might make itself at home. Your will might call for change as well.

Messy/ disaster/ chaos/ disorder/ dirty/ swamp – Order might not be your strong point but there is a point to the mess. Figure out what it is and work it out. There can be no progress if you can’t move around.

Art/ drawings/ colors/ paint/ love/ rainbow – Emotions and colors run around your room like a river. Remember this, seaweed can grow and block your flow. Keep the river clean and fresh.

Books/ study/ culture/ worldly/ library/ hermit – There is a call out there, the music of the world. Knowledge is power but cannot offer experience.

Nature/ garden/ sunny/ flowers/ plants – We all share a love for things that grow. Nature is a part of us but watches over itself. Offer yourself the same care.

Shows/ fandom/ toys/ games/ movies/ geeky/ nerdy – Lover of stories and fun times. Young energy. Growing up has a price but never demands you to give up what you care for.

Work/ gym/ serious/ office/ workaholic/ computers – Energy is never wasted. Focusing on what is important dictates the flow. Rigidity might cause stress in the long run.

Relaxing/ nice/ bedroom/ chill – There is a positive light around that can be very energizing after a long day. Can be easily tainted by external stress.

Holy/ religious/ shrine – There are a lot of invisible influences that can either overwhelm or balance your life. Seek peace and joy for yourself.

If some words that you picked weren’t mentioned in the list, let me know in the comments section. But I encourage you to ponder on what it might reflect for yourself.

Is the space I live in a representation of who I am?

Well, yes but it also works the other way around. The room can dictate the way you feel.

It is important to know that as long as we take care of the place we live in, we can create a comfortable world for ourselves. Things we keep that might bring bad memories, ill influences and stressful moods can affect our way of thinking and the people around us. Cleaning the house, or even putting a shelf in order, can make a change. It is your inner flow that dictates how your life can be, and what will your mark on this world look like.


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