Apr 06, 2016

What happened to the Kauff and Gustav Movie?

Oh, wait, you didn’t know we were planning a movie? It’s been so long ago, that I hardly remember it myself.

We never really had a written script, but the idea was still there, lingering. I’m pretty sure Marius loved the idea when I first pitched it to him, but due to lack of funds (and being countries apart) we never could really make it happen.

The plot would’ve been based on the videogame itself — another project which never saw the light of day — and would’ve featured our two favorite Monkeyologists on their way to save the world. I remember how I wrote to Telltale Games, asking them if it is okay for me to use the name “Monkeyologist”, making sure we wouldn’t have any legal issue on that. They came up with the name first, so it was only logical to do so. Fortunately, I was allowed to use it.

So, back to the story. It would’ve included time travel in a Back-to-the-Future-style. There was a sort of artefact that had to be found which triggered the destruction of the world. So our scientists, realizing this, jump back in time to prevent themselves from messing up things. Confusing? Well, I told you, the script wasn’t written yet, so this is the draft of the draft. 😀

Of course, Dumpling321 would’ve made an appearance. We were supposed to talk to David Larson and ask him if he’d be able to travel, but we never reached that point. All in all, the project never took off.

Still this doesn’t exclude a possible movie with Kauff in the future, the very distant future. Until then, we’ll just keep going with “Dear Kauff” and see where that leads us.


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