Mar 23, 2016

What happened to the Sea For Two Show?

When an idea is born, it goes through multiple phases before it is thrown out into the world as a full show. This was not the case with “Sea For Two”.

While it had been developed alongside two of my very good friends, Haggis and Dalixam from talesofmi.net (former worldofmi.com), the show didn’t have a very good starting point. We knew the general idea of the story – two opposite personalities end up marooned on an island. One is a pirate, the other one is a lordish-type guy, thus hilarity ensues. We knew what we could do with it and how far it would go.

The “funniness” was okay, we included several types of jokes in our script for most types of humor… but something was lacking – resources.

In order to create one single episode, it took several days of filming, editing and effects. Frodo from the LOTR Parody took care of the 3D environment, and I thank him very much for it – that sea looked amazingly good – but in the end that’s all it was: characters on a 3D environment.

While being a tribute to Monkey Island, one of the best games I’ve ever played, it never reached a higher status than that. We didn’t have actual plots, there were no lessons to be learned at the end of the episodes, and the humor was slow paced. Too slow, even for my own taste.

Ultimately, due to lack of time, the project was dropped. I just couldn’t keep up with having a job AND filming for this show on a weekly basis, especially since I also had Kauff on the side. Mihai tried to fix things up a bit by making a comic book which would ease the waiting time between episode, but even THAT proved to be too time consuming to keep up. 🙂


The idea of the show presented the characters as “natural enemies” who, in the end, became friends while trying to escape the island. Once they did that, we thought of making them share a raft for Season 2. Again, the possibilities were there, but time was not our strong point.

Finally, after postponing the third episode several times, we gave up. This is definitely a series that won’t make a comeback. Simply dressing up for the part took longer than getting Kauff ready for filming – and that usually takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on what is he about to do.

All in all, a fun idea that didn’t take off properly. The interesting bit was that people could actually choose how to continue the story and they chose their own jokes. The format might be visited again someday, with other characters that allow a much faster workflow. 🙂

Thanks for reading! Here’s a little Making Of, if you’re curious.



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