Oct 17, 2012

When the user…

Well, I couldn’t help myself. I’ve made some cool friends at Ubisoft and… heh… I just had to film something! I never saw a clip made about Game Testers sooo, there we go!

By the way, the humor is kind of related to Tester-Stuff… so you might not get some of the jokes. Others are actually in-jokes. We never expected this clip to spread like that!

After this, my boss and HIS boss wanted to talk to me and my friend Alex.

(By the way, Alex and I became super epic best friends when we went on this adventure together to buy a present for our friend, Diana! …but more on that later)

I don’t know about Alex but the thought of being fired did cross my mind several times. There was also the chief of PR there. They told us that they loved the clip and just wanted to make sure that we didn’t show anything related to Ubisoft and its projects. Afterwards, we got a greenlight on making more of these clips with access to the Ubisoft headquarters AND better equipment! O.O

It won’t be anything official… so nothing like what we had with Telltale Games, but this could help us make our projects a little more famous. 😀

Just to make things clear… this awesome side-project does not interfere with Plustard. We still haven’t managed to find the last two locations but we ARE working on the post-production stuff, so don’t worry.

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