Doctor Who Fan Film:
How to Stop a Timelord

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In case the movie doesn’t play for you or you have a crappy internet connection, you can download it from HERE.
(Right click, choose “Save Link As…”)It’s about 970Mb.
In even a WORSE case in which your computer won’t play HD movies… you can have the new and improved SD(smaller) version HERE.
(Right click, choose “Save Link As…”)It’s about 300Mb.
There are SOME users for which the movie stops towards the end, with no real explanation. Currently, we can only offer the downloadable version which works fine. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The film was featured at two film festivals in the USA, respectively GalaxyFest in Colorado and the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival 2012 where it won First Prize as Best Fan Film.

It has been called by many Whovians as “the best fan film ever”.


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