Mar 21, 2016

Ask a Monkeyologist – S02E08

After 4 years and almost losing the recordings, twice, I managed to render this little gem. The old PC was freezing and crashing while handling this episode, this being one of the main reasons for me never being able to finish Episode 8. Now, thankfully, it can see the light of day.

Working on E09, E10 and E11 now. Please try to keep in mind that these were filmed AND processed long before I knew how to make the videos look good. The quality is rather butchered in many shots also because of the low-quality camera. 🙂 Take them as nostalgic bits, not as a brand new show, shiny and bright. I don’t know how long it’ll take to render the rest, but I’m on it, okay?

Even so, Plustard remains Prority #1.

Leave a comment, tell us what you thought of this little blast from the past. If you want to ask Kauff questions, you can go to the new show and post them there 😀



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