May 11, 2016

The Sims 5 with Virtual Reality

For a simulator of real life, this game did a lot of stuff right. It gave the younger audience a glimpse of what it meant to be an adult. For teens it was a subtle way of teaching them how to interact with others and live orderly. Also, having a very simple and intuitive building mechanic, anyone could make their home just as they wanted.

The Sims was, at its time, a brilliant game and with every new DLC launched, it only grew in popularity. I can recall the two most played games when I was a kid: “Rayman 2 The Great Escape” and “The Sims” (with my favorite add-on being “Makin’ Magic”)

Sims image 2

As the industry evolved

EA realized that their game became too outdated for the newer technology that was coming out on the market. So they thought that a sequel would be called for. Thus, The Sims 2 arrived on the gaming scene.

As history tends to repeat itself, after several DLCs we got the third installment in the series. More items, better graphics, new interactions, a bunch of other add-ons and a large fandom to create mods. Even after all this time, the game is still loved by many people around the world.

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The next step for Sim-kind

Virtual reality is slowly making itself more and more present into our gaming lives. With things like Oculus Rift and HTC vive, our immersion in our favorite worlds has become almost complete.

Imagine how a Sims type game would feel if it had Oculus Rift support. With a bit of tweaking in order to make it work, it would be one of the most successful life simulators out there! We already have a job simulator, a dating simulator and a cooking simulator. It wouldn’t be too heard to merge them up and create a Sims 5 VR. The technology is here, people!

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The Sims we play all the time

Let’s put another idea on the table: How many of us have an awesome character in The Sims? A rich spaceman, or spacewoman, that has a huge house and a perfect lover. Yeah, it all looks so nice in the game but what about in real life?

As we all know, reality is a bit more complicated. There are no health bars, no indicator of how much a girl likes us, the ideal action we should go for, etc. Still, the point of The Sims was to help us improve our way of playing this intricate game we call life. Is there anything else we can take from this videogame other than hints? Yeah!

Make a schedule of daily activities; add an hour of study time to your routine, make sure you talk and have fun with friends, keep your energy high and rest when your body needs it. Perhaps even have a virtual “green diamond” above your head to indicate what you need to do next in order for your body to gain the ultimate comfort. Basically, bring the virtual into your reality – the opposite of Oculus Rift.

These might seem normal stuff to do, but some people do lose track of their lives and end up in a boring or unhealthy routine. The point is to make your character (yourself ) as awesome as possible so that when you do meet that lovely girl, you will have a life worthy of admiration. In this game of life, you have the power to change yourself into something brilliant. Be a spaceman or spacewoman!

Have a nice day!


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