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Plustard Update! – E

Plustard Update! – Episode 4 Complete

Engineer hits his head

Engineer hits his head

Merry Christmas and a Happ

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Clip!

Angel Afterlife – A

Angel Afterlife – A Romanian Book written in English

Jan Jacob Mekes – Ha

Jan Jacob Mekes – Haggis – Confirmed for Role in Plustard

Secret Plustard Clip got B

Secret Plustard Clip got Bronze in Sir Charlie Darwin Movie Battle!

Plustard selected for Musk

Plustard selected for Muskoka Film Festival

Jan Jacob Mekes launched P

Jan Jacob Mekes launched Pre-Orders!

Current projects:

~Dear Kauff~

FILM - 12 Episodes of First Season

Write Season 2 of Plustard

Write script of Secret Project