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Angel Afterlife – A

Angel Afterlife – A Romanian Book written in English

Jan Jacob Mekes – Ha

Jan Jacob Mekes – Haggis – Confirmed for Role in Plustard

Secret Plustard Clip got B

Secret Plustard Clip got Bronze in Sir Charlie Darwin Movie Battle!

Plustard selected for Musk

Plustard selected for Muskoka Film Festival

Jan Jacob Mekes launched P

Jan Jacob Mekes launched Pre-Orders!

Plustard Nominated for Bes

Plustard Nominated for Best Comedy Film at Fifes Film Festival 2014!

New Statistics and Tiny Ne

New Statistics and Tiny News

Updated site

Updated site

Current projects:

NEW - Ask a Monkeyologist

FILM - 12 Episodes of First Season

Write Season 2 of Plustard

Write script of Secret Project