Oct 27, 2012

Rainbow Dash Game

Hello world! Long time, no see!

By that, I mean, “no see trailer for Plustard”, “no see music from stuff”, “no see clip of anything”!

Well, I’m working on fixing that. We have a nice announcement for you awesome people… but first, a smaller announcement. I’ve been recruited to compose music for an upcoming My Little Pony game, featuring Rainbow Dash. The awesome thing about this game is that it is surprisingly fun for a fan-made production. You can spend a lot of time practically not doing anything for the game itself, just flying around!

When you get tired of that, there are actual quests to follow, items to find, hidden pages to uncover (and read)… it’s awesome! It is as if someone gave Mario wings and personality!

Before you cringe and ask me if I have gone mad, try it for yourselves. Be careful, only the DEMO is out for now… and it has a LOT of bugs. Still, the mechanics of this original engine makes everything fun!

Look forward to the upcoming announcement in less than a week.


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